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2014 UCSD Vendor Fair

Ilya Blyumin

The 2014 UCSD Vendor Fair launch was a great success! Thank you to everybody who supported our movement. We are forever in debt to our friends and family members who came out to help us at the crack of dawn. We'd like to personally thank Michael Blyumin and Bryan Rodriguez, who helped us pass out Free Stickers! to all the UCSD kids who were in such a rush everyday to get to class, and who also helped to set up and take down everyday. The 3:30am wake up call was no joke. We have featured pictures of people who took a second out of their day to look at our 10x10 space, although that amount of people were far less than we expected. We had people who could care less and rejected our stickers, C'MON PEOPLE ITS A FREE STICKER!

The first couple of days were tough but we remained, with our heads high and our smiles on. Even though it was forbidden, our days were played out with the help of the sound of Ratatat and Kid Cudi. On the second day, many of you might remember, the winds started to kick in and didn't work in our favor. As a result some of our merch got destroyed and we had no other choice but to call it a day and prepare for the rest of the week. Winds sped up to 20 miles an hour and our initial layout design was compromised. 

By Wednesday, we were prepared with four forty pound cinder blocks. We were up all night trying to figure out a way to display our stuff without it flying away and without having our tent destroyed. As a result we, engineers, came up with an apparatus that was foolproof, thus we ended up being the most unique tent on all of Library Walk. As we arrived that morning we noticed only 5 of our 20 neighbors were still standing. Many of which had left their merchandise over night and were totaled by the next morning. All we could think of was, shit just got real...and it did. No shade, forgotten sunscreen, 100 degree weather are three words to describe our Wednesday...yet we survived

By Thursday, more of our neighbor were up, although many packed up their stuff and left. The last two days were amazing. It totally and completely made up for our loss on Tuesday. More and more people were eager to support us and take a look at what we were about. Students asked questions about the brand, and they were surprised to hear that we were also students at the university ourselves.

All in all it was such an amazing feeling to see excitement in our customers, the same excitement we had when we first looked at our creations at the print shop. We've taken an endless amount of time perfecting our product, with every detail being as important as the first. We enjoy seeing our fans notice the difference between a raunchy ten dollar shirt and the quality and love that we put into ours. 

This has been an unforgettable experience, only the first of its kind but definitely not the last. 

Stay Classy,

Cecy, Ilya, Zero, & Leo